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Photographs of Sabaton and Hammerfall

November 1st I was able to get some photographs of Sabaton and Hammerfall at The Palladium in Worcester, MA. I’d been waiting for this show since it was announced, as I’ve been a HUGE fan of Sabaton for years now, and I’ve never seen Hammerfall before.

HammerfallHammerfall – Official Facebook Page

From the moment Hammerfall hit the stage, they were a force to be reckoned with! Encompassing songs from their entire library, they did a great service to the crowd, especially those that had not seen them before. Sure, there were a few songs that I wish were on their setlist, but overall it was a solid selection of music. Being able to take photographs of Hammerfall was awesome, especially since I hadn’t seen them before.

Hammerfall’s Setlist:

SabatonSabaton – Official Facebook Page

What more can I say about Sabaton that hasn’t been said before? This is the 3rd time I’ve seen them live, and the first time that I got to photograph them. From start to finish, they put 110% into their show. With a tank as a drum rise to rifles and helmets for microphone stands, they really built their stage to fit their war themed lyrics. Arguably one of the best live bands around, their stage presence is almost unmatched.

Sabaton’s Setlist:

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