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While I am mainly a concert photographer, I do delve into other areas of photography. Below you will find the complete list of my photography, including concert, automotive, and general (landscapes, fireworks, and other things that I’ve taken photos of). Eventually, I plan on selling prints and other things of my photography, but that’s still a ways off at this point.

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Photographs of Sabaton and Hammerfall

November 1st I was able to get some photographs of Sabaton and Hammerfall at The Palladium in Worcester, MA. I’d been waiting for this show since it was announced, as I’ve been a HUGE fan of Sabaton for years now, and I’ve never seen Hammerfall before. Hammerfall – Official Facebook Page From the moment Hammerfall […]

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House of Blues September 12, 2019

Over at the House of Blues on September 12, 2019 I had a few firsts. It marked the first time I had seen all 3 bands that were performing. I’ve been a long time fan of Veil of Maya, and have really enjoyed watching them progress from a straight up deathcore band to the more […]

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Demons & Wizards Photographs 9/4/19

Wednesday September 4th, I had the opportunity of a lifetime to photograph Demons & Wizards. Working with SkullsNBones has been a blessing, and I’m so glad that they had given me the opportunity to join up and contribute my photography to their online publication. I’ve been a fan of this collaboration between Hansi Kursch (Blind […]

  • Worcester Palladium - 11/22/2017
  • Worcester Palladium - 11/22/2017
  • Worcester Palladium - 11/22/2017