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House of Blues September 12, 2019

Over at the House of Blues on September 12, 2019 I had a few firsts. It marked the first time I had seen all 3 bands that were performing. I’ve been a long time fan of Veil of Maya, and have really enjoyed watching them progress from a straight up deathcore band to the more […]

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Demons & Wizards Photographs 9/4/19

Wednesday September 4th, I had the opportunity of a lifetime to photograph Demons & Wizards. Working with SkullsNBones has been a blessing, and I’m so glad that they had given me the opportunity to join up and contribute my photography to their online publication. I’ve been a fan of this collaboration between Hansi Kursch (Blind […]


Tuscan Kitchen Concorso Italiano 8/11/2019

Hey everyone, it’s been a minute! I just dusted my gear off and took some great photos over at the Concorso Italiano car show over at the Tuscan Kitchen in Salem NH. It’s a yearly event that the owner throws, and some of the most INCREDIBLE cars are there. I didn’t get the chance to […]


It’s been a quiet summer so far…

So, it’s been a quiet and rather uneventful summer for shooting. I really haven’t done much with my camera lately, and I’m feeling kinda bad about it. I almost feel like I’m neglecting a child HAHAHA! I’ll pick up my camera every now and again, but for nothing really important. I’ll get around to shooting […]


Happy 4th of July!

From myself, to all of you, have a safe and happy 4th of July!


2 Years ago…

So, it popped up the other day on my Facebook feed. June 16, 2017 was my *actual* first show that I shot. June 16, 2017 I was given the opportunity to shoot some photos at the local bar for my friend’s band, Calumon. It took a few minutes to get comfortable moving around in the […]


Happy birthday to me!

Well, my first year into my 40’s is in the books, and it’s been a pretty good time so far. Bought my first brand new car last November, got a gig shooting concerts for SkullsNBones, and I’m still going strong at my 9-to-5. Sure, it hasn’t all been sunshine and rainbows, but that’s how life […]


It’s been a minute… (maybe two or three)

Ok, so it’s been a while since my last update. Life has been crazy, and I haven’t really had the chance to get my latest batch of photos uploaded yet. Well, tonight I finally uploaded the last batch of photos I took. It was the Architects/Thy Art is Murder/While She Sleeps show I covered back […]


Lots of additions to the page today!

So after a short break in posting, I’ve updated the site with TONS of new photos from the last 2 shows I shot. First up is the Chaos & Carnage Tour, with Whitechapel and Dying Fetus headlining the night. All the bands that played that evening completely decimated the stage! I was lucky enough to […]


Quick News Update

Hey everyone! Just a reminder, I’ve got my Merch page up and running, so if you’re interested, head over and check it out! I’m opening a discussion group on Facebook soon, depending on interest. It’s been a minute since I posted, so I figured I’d recap my upcoming shows. April 17th, I’ll be shooting Children […]


Upcoming shows!

I always love being able to share this kind of news! I’m confirmed for 2 upcoming shows, with more to possibly come soon. I will be at the Royale in Boston MA for the Children of Bodom/Swallow the Sun show on 4/17/19. I’m really looking forward to this show, as I haven’t seen Bodom since […]


The time has arrived!

Without further ado, I present to you all, the 3rd version of my website! I’ve spent the last month-ish working through the bugs and the coding issues to get you something that I’m truly satisfied with. No, it’s not perfect, but it probably never will be (in my opinion, anyway). I spent the time to […]


Finished uploading and arranging older galleries!

Finally after a long time working on everything, and figuring out exactly how I wanted to set things up and arrange the galleries, I’ve finished everything off! It’s been a lot of hard work to get it all put together, and I’m really happy with the outcome of all of this work. This marks the […]


Updates and more!

So, it’s been a minute since I’ve updated my site. I’ve kinda fallen off the wagon with keeping up to date with things, but I just wanted to let everyone know that there are new things up and coming.


The last night at the Chit Chat – Going out with a BANG!

So, I realized tonight that I didn’t actually push these photos live once I was finished with the edits… Wow, talk about epic failure! So, the last night at the Chit Chat in Haverhill MA was a blast, and a raging party. Special thanks goes to Mark from Resonate for the hook up on getting […]