Happy New Year!

Good morning everyone, and Happy New Year to you all!

2019 was a whirlwind of a year for me on so many levels. At the beginning of 2019, I found myself with the amazing opportunity to shoot for Skulls n Bones web zine. With that, I was able to grow as a concert photographer at an almost exponential rate. With my newly found position with Skulls n Bones, I was able to shoot some of my all-time favorite bands this past year, which was nothing short of amazing. Bands like Immolation, Amorphis, Delain, Dying Fetus, Meshuggah, and many others were the subject of my camera. But there were some incredibly important shows I was able to cover this year. 

Demons & Wizards

Demons & WizardsI’d long been a fan of Hansi Kursch (Blind Guardian/Demons & Wizards) as well as Jon Schaffer (Iced Earth/Demons & Wizards), and back in 1999 when they teamed up and released the Demons & Wizards album, I was instantly enthralled. 2019 saw them embark a huge tour celebrating their 20th anniversary, which happened to be their first and only tour ever. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to photograph this incredible event. With a new album due out this year, I’m hoping that they reconsider touring again, but I also know that their primary bands are in the process of writing new albums, so we will just have to wait and see how that plays out.


MGP-20191101-Sabaton-021Well, what can I say about Sabaton that hasn’t been said yet? The mighty Sabaton released a brand new album this year, and it’s arguably one of their best works. It focused entirely on World War 1, and everything that happened during that time. All of you that know Sabaton, you know that just about all of their music surrounds history, historical figures and events, primarily during times of war. I had the pleasure of covering their show in Worcester at the Palladium, and it was nothing short of phenomenal.

King Diamond

MGP-20191108-King-Diamond-076Wow… Just wow… I’ve been a fan of King Diamond since the mid 90’s, and I’ve only had the opportunity to see him once before. This year was only the second time I’ve been able to catch his live performance, and it was NOTHING short of amazing. The stage setup, the theatrics, the perfection in both his voice and the musicianship of his band (especially the tandem guitar work of Mike Weed and Andy LaRoque), was all perfect. I’m so glad that I was able to catch this show.

In Conclusion…

Over 2019, I met so many people & fellow photographers, it almost felt like a whirlwind of chaos at times. I have a lot of special thanks to give out this year, but the following few were pivotal in making 2019 a banger of a year.

My best friend Matt of Matt Michaud Photography, for the loaner gear when I needed something, and for the honest feedback when I needed a critique. 

Jason and Jamie from Skulls N Bones, for giving me a shot to contribute to an awesome web zine.

My wife Casey and my my two boys, for the understanding of my love of music and photography. Without their love and support, it wouldn’t have been as great of a year as it was.

Thank you to everyone else that I either met or supported me over the past year. I wish you all a Happy New Year, and I hope that everything the next 366 days brings (yes, it’s a leap year this year) is absolutely amazing for you all!

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