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House of Blues September 12, 2019

Over at the House of Blues on September 12, 2019 I had a few firsts. It marked the first time I had seen all 3 bands that were performing. I’ve been a long time fan of Veil of Maya, and have really enjoyed watching them progress from a straight up deathcore band to the more metalcore band that they are today. I’ve also been a long time fan of Periphery, and have a great deal of respect for how they approach their music and songwriting. Covet was a new one for me. I’ve always been amazed with Yvette Young’s playing, and to see her perform live was an incredible experience.


MGP-20190912-Covet-034Yvette Young and her band were so great to watch live. I’ve been following her for a long while on social media, and I’ve always admired her talent. Needless to say, I was thoroughly impressed with Covet. The amount of technical proficiency in that trio is unreal. I will definitely be following them closely from here on out!

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Veil of Maya

MGP-20190912-Veil-of-Maya-039Where to begin? I’ve loved these guys since I first heard [id]. I’ll admit, when I first heard that they were getting a new singer, and that there was going to be clean singing, I had my reservations. Needless to say, Matriarch is probably my favorite release from them. I’d never gotten to see them live until now. They’re unbelievably tight live, which I was expecting. However, what I was blown away by, was their MASSIVE sound out of just being a 4 piece band. Typically you don’t see that monstrous wall of sound without 2 guitarists. I can honestly say that I’m an even bigger fan of them now after seeing them live.

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MGP-20190912-Periphery-052What can I say about Periphery that hasn’t been said yet? I discovered them shortly after P1 was released, and I really liked what I heard. They were really heavy when they wanted to be, and could also be really melodic too. P2 was released, and they expanded on that sound, bringing in more progressive elements to their music. Their EP “Clear” is still probably one of my favorite things they’ve done, because of it’s diversity. Alpha/Omega & P3 continued to build on their ever expanding sound.

When I heard that P4 was coming out, I was VERY intrigued. This is arguably their best release to date. They returned to their HEAVY roots of P1, and carries forward a lot of the impeccable songwriting that they’ve come to be known for over the years. Getting to both see them for the first time, and photograph their live show was a privilege. If you haven’t gotten to see them yet, you DEFINITELY need to!

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