Tuscan Kitchen Concorso Italiano 8/11/2019

Tuscan Kitchen Concorsia Italia - Lamborghini Huracan Spyder

Hey everyone, it’s been a minute! I just dusted my gear off and took some great photos over at the Concorso Italiano car show over at the Tuscan Kitchen in Salem NH. It’s a yearly event that the owner throws, and some of the most INCREDIBLE cars are there. I didn’t get the chance to shoot everything, I was running around, having fun with my family, and getting my boys (and myself) an opportunity to sit in a full Vorsteiner kitted Lamborghini Aventador. The gentleman who owns it was incredibly gracious in allowing us to sit in it, and I can’t thank him enough for it. He owns CMP Plumbing & Heating, LLC‚Äč so, if you need any services they might offer, look them up and give them a call!

Now, on to the pictures! The last time I shot and uploaded anything was back when I shot Architects/Thy Art is Murder / While She Sleeps, back on May 20th. I’ve played around with some shots here and there, but never anything to post up here. Fast forward to Sunday, and I brought out my camera (along with my family) and spent a few hours looking at some incredible cars (most of which cost more than my house), and chatting with some of the owners of those cars (who were all REALLY awesome people). I’m working out some details with one of the owners to go shoot his Lamborghini Aventador SVJ soon, which is one of my current favorite supercars.

Head over and check out the shots from the Tuscan Kitchen Concorso Italiano‚Äč!


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