The time has arrived!

Without further ado, I present to you all, the 3rd version of my website! I’ve spent the last month-ish working through the bugs and the coding issues to get you something that I’m truly satisfied with. No, it’s not perfect, but it probably never will be (in my opinion, anyway). I spent the time to export all new copies of my photos, so I can provide the best quality gallery to all of my followers.

So, my launch was delayed an entire day because of a stupid hiccup in the migration from my sandbox testing server to a live environment. Thankfully, it was a fairly easy fix to take care of. I’m still having a few difficulties with the gallery previews showing up, so I hope that I can get that resolved soon, as it’s driving me CRAZY!

To all of you reading this, I thank you all for your support and feedback on my work. I try to give 100% every time I go out with my camera. Sometimes it’s a win, sometimes not so much. I’m forever learning and honing my art, so I can provide the best work possible.

I’ve also been picked up as a photographer for, so I’ll be shooting more concerts in the near future, so look forward to those galleries in the future. It is truly a privilege to work with this media outlet, as they have a sizable following, and it’s a great way for me to share my work with so many people!

I’d like to thank Wayne, Nina & the rest of the staff at Boston Rock Radio for giving me my first media outlet to work with. I do greatly appreciate the opportunity that they gave me. I wish only the best for Wayne and his staff, they’re all exceptional people, and are making big moves, so keep an eye on them as they grow.

I’d like to give a very special shout out/thanks to my brother-from-another-mother Matt Michaud of Matt Michaud Photography. He’s been an instrumental part of my work since I picked up a camera again. Your input and feedback is always welcome, and I can’t thank you enough for it. I also can’t thank you enough for the occasional loaner-glass, especially when I was in a pinch for some stuff that’s even better than what I’m currently running. Eventually I’ll finish up collecting all the glass/gear that I need, but at least I can bug you for gear that I don’t already have, hahaha!

And, the biggest thank you goes out to my wonderful wife Casey. Without you and the boys, I wouldn’t have the drive to be what I am today.

Well, I think I’ve blabbed on quite enough for now. So, here are the photos from my last shoot, the Worcester MA stop for the Decibel Tour with Blood Incantation / Necrot / Immolation / Morbid Angel!

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