Reloading the Photos…

Well, it’s been an interesting evening. I ran through everything, and I can’t find any reason whatsoever that the photos in certain galleries weren’t showing up, nor could I figure out why some galleries weren’t showing up in the right place, or multiple places but being empty in both spots. I’m in the process of uploading everything back to the site, which will take a bit to do. I’ve got close to 2000 photos to upload back to the site, so it’s going to take a long while.

I’ll update the links on my Facebook posts once they’ve finished uploading

Thanks for being patient with me and my insanity. I’ll get this right at some point… HAHAHA!

There will be some organizing needed once I get the photos uploaded. Done with my car photos for now. Uploading the 2018 Concerts first, then all the 2017 Concerts… I’ve got a ton of work ahead of me, hopefully it works out properly this time…

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